Until the Ribbon Breaks

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Newly relocated to LA, duo Until the Ribbon Breaks are releasing their highly anticipated new album this month. The self-titled full-length was born out of frontman Peter Lawrie Winfield’s inspiring journey from rock bottom to recovery and sobriety. Their music is powerful and anthemic.

Enjoy this audio only session from Until the Ribbon Breaks.

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Photos of Until the Ribbon Breaks by Jessica Hanley 





Rachel Reynolds

Peter Lawrie Winfield – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys, SPD, Trumpet
Brandon Skjefte – Bass, Synth, Background Vocals
Kyle Bradley – Keys, Background Vocals
Elliot Wall – Drums, Background Vocals

Technical support:
Mario Diaz – Recording Engineer
Claire Roddy – Sound Intern
Alex Pieros, Kashi McDaniels, Pat Jewett, Michael Verdin - Web Video Producers