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Start with a Brazilian singer, an Indonesian bass guitarist, a Danish percussionist, a German drummer, and a Dutch keyboardist. Combine these diverse influences and you get Zuco 103: a musical amalgamation of smooth jazz, bossa nova, funk, house, salsa, and samba.

Their lyrics differ as much as their cultural backgrounds. Written mainly by lead singer Lilian Vieira, song topics range from immigration in Peregrino to love in Brief Passions. Seem complex? As Vieira explains, the creation of the band simply involved chance and chemistry, &quotthings; just happen in life, it was not very complicated."

After mesmerizing European audiences, Zuco 103 recently debuted in the United States. Lead singer Lilian Vieira, Stefan Schmid (keyboard/programming), and Steven Kruger (drums/programming) gave us a fusion of different musical and cultural influences through songs from their album Tales of High Fever.

Written by: Emily Jean McAdam (http://www.zuco103.nl/) (http://www.zuco103.nl/) (http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/travelseries/artists/zuco103/thf.htm) (http://www.zuco103.nl/) (http://www.zuco103.nl/) (http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/travelseries/artists/zuco103/thf.htm) (http://www.crammed.be/zir/12/03.htm)





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