KCRW's Top 30: Kaytranada, Wajatta, Silk Sonic, and more are here to kick holiday dance parties into high gear

By KCRW Music Staff

Kaytranada surveys the land, and decrees that henceforth there shall be no empty dancefloors. Photo by Liam Macrae.

Did you even realize how much you were missing Kaytranada? Neither did we, but wow is it good to have him back. Clearly KCRW’s DJs are feeling the same way, as the luminary producer’s new EP “Intimidated” received nearly double the spins of any other album this past week. 

And there’s plenty more to get excited about. Our favorite LA local groovemeisters Wajatta are on the cusp of releasing “Do You Even Care Anymore?,” a full EP’s worth of danceable jams. New Zealand-based indie-pop goofs LIPS make their KCRW chart debut in the top ten, and Silk Sonic remain on hand to ensure that all of your parties this holiday season feel as smooth as… well, you know.

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