On Fire

Hey world. It’s been a month…Hope you’ve been staying sane. Some days/weeks are better than others. And then there are those days when even getting out of bed seems like a monumental task. But I have hope…

I’ve been collecting new music this whole time, and, to be honest, I faced a real dilemma when selecting songs that would end up in these two and a half hours. People are putting out impressive amounts of music. The world maybe in flames, but artists have a job to do - to connect the dots and make sense of the changing times.

I am finding the only real refuge in music and friendships. Keep them both close. I know I do. Music feeds my soul and friends are there to pick up the pieces when it seems like the world is falling apart…Which feels right about now.

This mix is, mostly new stuff I’ve been obsessing over, with the exception of a couple of older songs - one by a French artist whom I just discovered and have fallen pretty hard for, Claire Laffut, and a Venezuela-born latinx, Maye.

I hope you feel this vibe.
Let me know which songs speak to your heart. Connect with me on IG: @valida and Twitter: @validaaa

Until next time…Stay well.