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 Photo: Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye led the design team for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

The uncertain fate of Trump's border wall 10 MIN, 54 SEC

President Trump's campaign speeches made it clear that as president, he would build a “great” and “beautiful” wall along the US-Mexico border.

An example of Riverdale Mills' wire mesh fence with razor wire. The company is a finalist 
in the competition to design  theTrump administration's proposed US-Mexico border wall.
Photo courtesy Riverdale Mills

Customs and Border Protection officials held an open call for bids for the multibillion-dollar construction contract. Some 200 applications were accepted. This summer journalists were expecting to be going down to San Diego to look at prototypes of the finalists for this supposed border wall. And yet nothing has materialized.

Architectural journalist Ian Volner looked for answers why, and found an unusual level of secrecy surrounding a fast-shrinking wall.

Ian Volner, design and architecture writer (@IanVolner)

The Trump administration Doesn't Want a Winner for Its Wall Competition

David Adjaye on African-American museum and architecture and social housing 16 MIN, 12 SEC

The architect Sir David Adjaye was born in Tanzania to a Ghanaian diplomat. He studied in London and found his first clients in Britain's art world.

He's gone on to design private homes, public housing, museums, a management center in Moscow as well as products and furniture.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Photo by Alan Karchmer/NMAAHC

But last year was a game changer. He received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth and then came the opening of his most important commission to date: the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

An exhibition of his work, Form, Heft, Material, is currently on display at the Garage Museum in Gorky Park in Moscow; and he has been appointed by London's Mayor Sadiq Khan to a group of architects who will advise on improving the city's housing quality and availability, following public outrage over the Grenfell Tower fire.

Adjaye reflects on the impact of the Smithsonian museum, the power of light, the emergence of African architects and why his first project in the US was housing for the underserved in Harlem.

David Adjaye, Adjaye Associates (@dadjaye)

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