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Being a restaurateur under Trump 12 MIN, 24 SEC

Carlos Salgado grew up working in his parents' Mexican restaurant, La Siesta, in Orange County. After attending culinary school and training as a pastry chef at Coi and Commis in Northern California, Salgado returned home to open Taco María in 2013. Now the 37-year-old chef is serving his Alta California cuisine at King’s Highway, a roadside diner that used to be a Denny’s in Palm Springs. Salgado talks about the food he grew up on, the decision to move from tech to the restaurant biz, and how the Trump administration's immigration policies are playing out at Taco María.

Cheap eats, cheap labor 12 MIN, 41 SEC

When Diep Tran's family came to California as refugees from Vietnam, they opened a restaurant. She grew up working there and now runs her own Vietnamese restaurant, Good Girl Dinette, in LA's Highland Park neighborhood. Tran recently wrote a powerful essay that lays out the problems with cheap eats lists for NPR's The Salt blog. Everyone loves them, she writes, because they are “a treasure map to $1 tacos! $4 banh mi! $6 pad Thai!”

Many hands make light work 3 MIN, 33 SEC

So many hands go into bringing our food to the table, starting on the farm. Our contributor Scarlett Robertson went to the Hollywood Farmers' Market to meet the people behind our local produce, milk, mushrooms, eggs and seafood. She talked to Tomas from Lily's Eggs, José from McGrath Family Farm, Dirk from LA FungHi, Yantho from Living Lettuce Farms, José from Ipatzi Nursery, Marilyn from West Coast Seafood, Luis from Pudwill Berry Farms, Jesus from J&J Farms, Mynor from Organic Pastures and Blanca from Bolaños Family Sprouts. Meet the vendors on the Good Food blog.

Report from the Central Valley 6 MIN, 46 SEC

The moment Donald Trump hit the campaign trail, he promised to drastically tighten up immigration policies, deport illegal immigrants and build a wall between the US and Mexico. Upon taking the oath, President Trump set the wheels in motion. We called Steve Maddox, a dairyman in California's Central Valley, to hear what farmers think of the new administration's stance on immigration. Maddox employs 65 workers to milk 3,000 cows at Maddox Dairy in Riverdale.

How the travel ban affects slaughterhouses 10 MIN

Next, we move to the slaughterhouse, where increasingly refugees are taking low-paying, dangerous jobs to process our meat. Since President Trump believes that immigrants from Muslim-majority countries should not be allowed to come to the US, we invited the largest meat processor in the world to our show to discuss how this policy could affect its hiring pool. Tyson Foods did not return our request for an interview. But Tom Philpott, food and ag correspondent for Mother Jones, did. His recent article on the issue is “Refugees Make Your Dinner. Literally.”

La Niña del Mezcal 10 MIN, 2 SEC

Six years ago, Cecilia Rios Murrieta started a mezcal company with her mother in Oaxaca. They named it La Niña del Mezcal and hit the road to meet with local producers and sipped their way through very small batches of espadin, pechuga, tobala and bacanora. Murrieta walks Evan through the difference between mezcal and tequila, horse-drawn methods of mezcal production, and how Trump's proposed trade and travel policies will drive up the cost of her product.

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