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Photo by Leonard G.

Repping workers along the food chain 12 MIN, 1 SEC

Almost one-third of the people who plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve and sell the foods we consume are struggling to feed their own families. That’s according to the Food Chain Workers Alliance, an organization headquartered in Los Angeles that was founded a decade ago to represent these workers. Directors Joann Lo and Jose Oliva discuss the group’s ongoing campaigns to improve policies throughout the food system.

A field report from Slow Food Nations 7 MIN, 44 SEC

Slow Food Nations, a festival “to taste and explore the world of good, clean and fair food for all” took place in Denver, Colorado, last weekend. Our contributor Simran Sethi presented at this year’s inaugural event alongside Alice Waters, Slow Food movement founder Carlo Petrini, urban gardener Ron Finley and chef Alon Shaya. Read her dispatch from Denver on the Good Food blog.

'Adventures in Starry Kitchen' 11 MIN, 9 SEC

On his last visit to the KCRW studios, Nguyen Tran made a plea that we save his balls. The balls in question were the crispy, green vegan tofu balls he served out of his illegal restaurant, Starry Kitchen. Now he’s making them at Button Mash in Echo Park. Tran also has a new cookbook, “Adventures In Starry Kitchen.”

Jonathan Gold dines at Michael's 7 MIN, 26 SEC

Jonathan Gold enjoys a taste of California cuisine this week on one of this city’s loveliest restaurant patios at Michael’s in Santa Monica. It’s an establishment that’s been around for a whopping 39 years, so you know they’re doing something right. Learn which seasonal ingredients chef Miles Thompson is working onto the summer menu in Jonathan’s LA times review.

Charred octopus with lime curd, Thai chiles and dried shrimp vinaigrette.
(Photo courtesy of StarChefs and Briana Balducci)

Michael’s: 1147 Third Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403 | (310) 451-0843

'Grape, Olive, Pig' 10 MIN, 31 SEC

The last time we spoke with Matt Goulding, co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms, it was to hear about his book, “Rice, Noodle, Fish,” and a revelatory trip to Japan. Goulding’s most recent effort, “Grape, Olive, Pig,” focuses on Spanish cuisine. “Spain’s greatest virtue lies in that time-tested Mediterranean formula,” Goulding writes, “[of] beautiful local ingredients, impeccable technique and a ravenous appetite for all manners of flora and fauna.”

Grape, Olive, Pig

Matt Goulding

The Market Report: Summer squash 6 MIN, 23 SEC

It’s summertime, and that means there’s no shortage of fresh seasonal produce at our local farmers markets. This week, Laura Avery shops for summer squash with Daniel Mattern, chef and owner of the new Thai Town spot, Friends and Family. Then Mark Carpenter talks about the varieties he grows at Coastal Farms in Santa Paula.

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