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Donald Trump has mocked the notion that he should adopt a more "presidential" manner, saying that at least he’s the most "presidential-looking" candidate. So, what does it mean to be "presidential"?

Also, Chobani employees could get rich now that the founder of the yogurt company plans to give them a tenth of its shares.

Next, a New Yorker tells us about moving back to New York City after twelve years in L.A.

After that, we’ll hear 3 perspectives on what L.A. should do about its housing crisis.

And finally, Press Play producer Anna Scott tells a story about gentrification through a tale of two donut shops. 

Acting "Presidential": Is That What Voters Want From Candidates? 11 MIN, 30 SEC

The question of what is "presidential" has become a topic in the presidential race. Donald Trump, responding to calls from his wife and others that he should act more "presidential," mocked the notion that he should adopt a more "presidential" manner this week, saying that he’s the most "presidential-looking" candidate. So, what does it mean to be "presidential"? Is it looks, as Trump would have voters believe? Is it dignity? What do voters want from their presidential candidates?

Tim Naftali, New York University (@TimNaftali)

Chobani Founder Gives A Tenth of Company's Shares to Employees 6 MIN, 35 SEC

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya started his modest yogurt company in 2005. It’s now worth billions and employs around 2000 workers. On Tuesday, some of those employees personally got a lot richer when Ulukaya announced a plan to give one-tenth of the company’s shares to his employees. For workers who have been with Chobani since the beginning, that could translate to a million-dollar windfall.

Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg News (@AlanBjerga)

New Yorkers, Years in L.A. May Change You 7 MIN, 5 SEC

New Yorkers who move to Los Angeles often do so with an attitude. "L.A.’s not real"; "it’s all sun and Hollywood"; "there’s no grit"; "it’s an intellectual vacuum" – Native Angelenos have heard it all before. But for New Yorkers who leave L.A. and move back to their hometown, the transition can be difficult, as well. That’s what author Jennifer Levin found when she moved back to New York City last year after twelve years in L.A.

Jennifer Levin, author

3 Solutions to L.A.'s Housing Crisis 12 MIN, 33 SEC

A lot of people in and around Los Angeles are currently struggling to pay high rents. One Harvard Study ranked L.A. as the least affordable rental market in the country. A housing shortage is pushing rents up, but there’s a lot of disagreement over how L.A. should increase its supply. Should the city build up and become more dense like Manhattan, or stick with sprawl and backyards? We’ll hear three different perspectives on how L.A. can fix its housing crisis.

Alan Greenlee, Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing
Laura Lake, Fix the City (@FixTheCityLA)
Luke Klipp, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (@lukehklipp)

A Tale of Two Donut Shops 7 MIN, 51 SEC

Press Play producer Anna Scott tells the story of how L.A. is changing, at the level of the humble donut shop. Two donut shops on opposite sides of Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake are less than a mile apart; but they represent two very different sides of one neighborhood – a neighborhood that has seen a lot of gentrification in recent years.

Anna Scott, Producer, 'Press Play' (@AnnaKCRW)

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