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Devin Nunes slams the newspaper in his district 6 MIN, 23 SEC

California Congressman Devin Nunes has a new campaign ad with an interesting target. It’s not his opponent, but the big newspaper in his district. The ad runs for more than 2 minutes -- online, on TV and on the radio. In it, he says, “Sadly since the last election, the Fresno Bee has worked closely with radical left wing groups to promote numerous fake news stories about me.” We get a response from the Fresno Bee.

Mackenzie Mays, the Fresno Bee (@MackenzieMays)

The real ‘fake news’ is Devin Nunes’ ad about The Bee
Nunes declares war on the media

As criticism against Trump gets harsher, his supporters become more devoted? 8 MIN, 44 SEC

The media is still covering Trump’s performance in Helsinki. At first, he said he did not think Russia meddled in US elections, going against what US intelligence agencies believe. Then he took it back a day later, saying that he misspoke. Yesterday, he told a reporter no when asked if Russia was still a threat. But then the White House walked back that comment too, saying he said no to answering more questions. Even with all that, supporters of Trump don’t seem to mind the President's flip-flop.

Jeremy Peters, New York Times (@jwpetersNYT)

Is Disney now the only traditional media company big enough to compete against tech giants? 7 MIN, 40 SEC

Comcast has bowed out, and Disney has won the bidding war over much of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. For $71 billion, Disney gets Fox’s TV and film studios, 60 percent of Hulu, the FX and National Geographic cable channels, and some properties in India and Latin America. The combined Disney and Fox movie studios have earned nearly 50 percent of the North American box office this year. But the big deal is causing some heartburn among executives at the two companies.

Kim Masters, host, 'The Business' (@kimmasters)

The "Tough Year" Ahead: Why Top Hollywood Execs Are So Spooked

Are sellers on Amazon getting shadier? 9 MIN, 42 SEC

Amazon says it sold more than 100 million items during its Prime Day sale. But there are some Amazon devotees who say the site doesn’t feel as friendly as it used to be, some products don’t arrive as promised, and quality can be an issue. The gang that produces the Reply All podcast is in that camp, and they tried to find out what - if anything - had changed at Amazon.

Alex Goldman, Reply All (@agoldmund)

LA woman starts a podcast to find a sperm donor 13 MIN, 21 SEC

Molly Hawkey is almost 40 years old. She isn’t really looking for a relationship anymore, but she wants to have to a kid -- soon. She’s looking for a sperm donor. She came up with an unconventional plan to find him: she started a podcast called Spermcast.

"Spermcast" host Molly Hawkey at KCRW. Photo by Amy Ta. 

Molly Hawkey, actress and comedian (@MollyHawkey)


Image of the Pacific Theatres at the Grove Los Angeles by Prayitno.

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