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Four Jews killed in a Kosher grocery store in Paris on Friday were buried today in Israel. How did the murders exacerbate the fears of Jews in France already worried for their own safety? Then, the alleged mastermind behind the online drug marketplace the Silk Road goes on trial today. What’s at stake? Next, a look at China’s big Hollywood play. And we also hear from an author who argues in his new book that we’re witnessing the decline of the creative class. And finally, office culture has been skewered in pop culture: most notably in the film “Office Space.” But one writer says the office as we know it is actually a great work environment.

Banner Image: The body of Francois-Michel Saada, one of four French Jews killed in an attack on a Paris kosher grocery, is lowered to the grave during their joint funeral in Jerusalem January 13, 2015. Four French Jews killed in the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris were buried in Jerusalem on Tuesday before thousands of French and Israeli mourners, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying they had been returned to their "true home". REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun 

Rising Fear Among Jews in France 8 MIN, 54 SEC

Four Jews killed in a Kosher grocery store in Paris on Friday were buried today in Israel. The grocery store murders were the last in a series of attacks by Islamic extremists in France last week that started at Charlie Hebdo magazine. And the episode has stoked the fears of French Jews already alarmed by other recent anti-Semitic incidents. Last year, 7,000 French Jews fled to Israel, more than double the number that left in 2013. We get an update on the scene in Paris today and why Jewish people in France are questioning their own safety.

Gregory Viscusi, Reporter for Bloomberg News in Paris. (@gviscusi)

Silk Road Goes to Trial 7 MIN, 28 SEC

The Silk Road was an online marketplace where anonymous buyers could hook up with anonymous sellers of illegal drugs. The government shut the website down in 2013. Today, the man being accused of running the Silk Road -- Ross Ulbricht, a.k.a. Dread Pirate Roberts -- goes on trial in Manhattan. He faces federal charges of running a narcotics, hacking, and money laundering conspiracy, as well as a “kingpin” charge that’s usually used on mafia dons and drug lords. We look at the case against him, and its wider implications.

Steve Henn, NPR's technology correspondent. (@hennseggs)

China’s Hollywood Gamble 7 MIN, 46 SEC

Poker players have a saying: “If you don’t know who the sucker is at the table, it’s you.” In the Hollywood card game, the sucker has been one wave after another of foreign investors. The Germans, Italians, and Arabs are on a long list over the years who’ve tried to make money in Hollywood and had to fold. Now, it’s China’s turn at the table. But is the game different this time?

Nancy Tartaglione, international editor for Deadline.com. (@DeadlineNancy)

Culture Crash 13 MIN, 33 SEC

When the recession hit in 2008, it gutted the middle class. Among the hardest hit was the creative middle class: architects, musicians, painters, graphic designers, dancers, and journalists. People like Scott Timberg. He used to cover the arts for the Los Angeles Times, but when the economy tanked, so did his prospects. He lost his job, his house and his confidence. So he wrote a book about it. We talk to him about his experience and what he believes it says about the economy as a whole.

Scott Timberg, freelance journalist (@TheMisreadCity)

Culture Crash

Scott Timberg

In Defense of the Modern Workplace 9 MIN, 18 SEC

More and more people are exiting the office world, some because of a tight job market, but others voluntarily. It can seem like a dream come true to opt out of fluorescent-lit office life, become your own boss, and work in your pajamas. But one writer argues that the modern cubicle has a lot to offer. We hear her case.

Jennifer Senior, New York Times (@jenseniorny)

To the Office, With Love What do we give up when we all become freedom-seeking, self-determining, autonomous entrepreneurs? A lot, actually.

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