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Today on Press Play, we look back on the life and legacy of musician Pete Seeger with two people he had a huge influence on: Roger McGuinn of The Byrds and Ani DiFranco. Plus, as part of our Fault Lines series on the income gap, we meet a family that’s living at the medium income in L.A. County. Also: what are the long-term effects of the gluten-free craze, and are computers going to start watching us as we shop?

Banner Image: Pete Seeger performing at Clearwater Festival 2013; Credit: WFUV

Remembering Pete Seeger 16 MIN, 26 SEC

One of the most influential musicians of the past 60 years died yesterday. Pete Seeger was known as much for his activism as his role in reviving folk music in American pop culture. We talk to musicians influenced by Pete, both personally and musically.

Roger McGuinn, Musician, The Byrds (@RogerMcGuinn)
Ani DiFranco, Musician (@anidifranco)

Lab Rats! 9 MIN, 40 SEC

For this edition of our regular science segment “Lab Rats” we take a look at the gluten-free craze. Now even the Girl Scouts are offering gluten-free cookies. How might dropping gluten from our diets affect our health?

Joe Schwarcz, Office for Science and Society, McGill University (@joeschwarcz)

Fault Lines: Living in the Middle 16 MIN, 30 SEC

President Obama is expected to spend a lot of his State of the Union address talking about the growing income gap between the rich and the poor. We try to find out what it’s like to live exactly in the middle. Madeleine meets a family in Downey to talk about what it means to make the median income in Los Angeles today. And then we check in with an expert to put the family's story in context -- is living at the median in LA different than the rest of the country? Where are we headed as a country when it comes to median income?

Elizabeth Chacon, Resident of Downey, CA
Michael Stoll, Chair of the Department of Public Policy, UCLA

Big Data in Stores 6 MIN, 10 SEC

Stores are starting to tap into big data in a major way. Retailers are developing new technology to track our shopping habits more closely than ever before, combining data about your purchasing history with real-time analysis of what you’re looking to buy. This raises all kinds of concerns, from privacy to price discrimination.

Lina Khan, Policy analyst and reporter, New America Foundation (@linamkhan)

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