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Fact-checking Trump’s recent claims about California 4 MIN, 43 SEC

At an Arizona rally last week, President Trump said illegal immigrants are running a town council in California, and that our state owes “two million, trillion dollars.” Elsewhere, he said California’s wildfires are costing the federal government hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, and we’re flushing our fresh water into the sea. We fact-check on these statements and more.

Why Vietnamese Americans often go to the polls -- and don’t care much about immigration now 8 MIN, 30 SEC

If you’re in the Orange County cities of Westminster, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley -- which make up Little Saigon -- you’ll see lots of political posters with the same last name on them: “Nguyen.” Thirteen people with that last name are running for office in Orange County. We talk to one political watcher about whether that’s causing confusion; how more Vietnamese Americans in Orange County are shifting from Republican to Democrat; and how they feel about President Trump.

Phu Do Nguyen, co-founder of Saigon Broadcasting Television Network.
Photo courtesy of Phu Do Nguyen.

Phu Do Nguyen, Saigon Broadcasting Television Network

In Orange County, 24 Vietnamese Americans are running for office. 13 share the same last name
California Democrats Hope Asian-American Voters Can Help Flip Red Districts
The surge of Vietnamese Americans running for office — often with the same last name

‘Sexorcism:’ a sex addict, a priest, and an exorcism 12 MIN

A Minnesota law firm released a report yesterday that lists 212 priests in the Bay Area that have been accused of sexual misconduct with children; 33 of them are in the San Jose Diocese. This is on top of another explosive story involving the San Jose Diocese that came out this week about a woman with a sex addiction and an exorcism.

Matthias Gafni, investigative reporter for the East Bay Times and The Mercury News (@mgafni)

Priest sex abuse: New report lists 212 Catholic priests in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco dioceses accused of child sex abuse
A priest, a sex addict and an exorcist: How a secret confession led to sex abuse claim against San Jose diocese

Being a voice for her people takes a toll on Nadia Murad 12 MIN, 14 SEC

Earlier this month, Nadia Murad won the Nobel Peace Prize. She’s a 25-year-old Yazidi woman who’s become a nonstop activist for her people. She escaped ISIS four years ago. A new documentary examines what it means for Nadia to tell her story over and over again.

Alexandria Bombach, director of “On Her Shoulders”

Purple sea urchins are wiping out seaweed 10 MIN, 27 SEC

Kelp – or seaweed – is crucial to all sorts of life in the ocean, and it’s disappearing fast in California. And so are the fish and sea creatures that depend on it. The culprit: a purple sea urchin.

Patrick Krug, marine biologist at California State University, Los Angeles

California’s Underwater Forests Are Being Eaten by the ‘Cockroaches of the Ocean’


Phu Do Nguyen, co-founder of Saigon Broadcasting Television Network. Photo courtesy of Phu Do Nguyen.

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