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As many as 100 people in Texas are now being tested for Ebola exposure. What are L.A. health officials doing to prepare for the unlikely possibility that an Ebola patient shows up here? Also, a promising Ebola treatment, ZMapp, is made by a tiny company in San Diego. We look at the drug, and what we know about its effectiveness and its makers. Next up, L.A. has two baseball teams headed to the playoffs; could they end up competing against each other in the World Series? Then, the new documentary Harmontown follows T.V. writer Dan Harmon on a comedy podcast tour. We talk to Harmon and the filmmaker about the movie. Finally, the 10th CicLAvia biking event takes over the streets of L.A. this Sunday. But some East L.A. residents worry that the bicyclists are harbingers of gentrification.

Banner Image: CicLAvia participants in downtown Los Angeles. One controversy around the event is complaints from motorists annoyed by the roadblocks and weekend street closures. Credit: Saul Gonzalez

Ebola Precautions in L.A. 8 MIN, 17 SEC

As many as 100 people in Texas are being tested for exposure to Ebola, after a man was diagnosed with the disease in Dallas this week. Here in L.A., health officials don’t expect to see an Ebola outbreak. But hospitals are taking special precautions anyway to prepare for the unlikely event that someone shows up with the virus. What are they doing?

Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

The Ebola Drug 6 MIN, 45 SEC

ZMapp is an experimental drug that has shown promise as a treatment for the Ebola virus. We look at the tiny company in San Diego that developed ZMapp, and is now tasked with filling an order from federal officials.

Andrew Pollack, New York Times

New York Times: U.S. Will Increase Production of the Ebola Drug ZMapp, but May Not Meet Demand

L.A.’s Baseball Blitz 8 MIN, 56 SEC

It’s an exciting time for baseball fans in L.A., with not one but two teams heading into the playoffs. Could the Angels and the Dodgers end up facing each other in the World Series? We size up that possibility and discuss other recent sports news with the Sklar brothers, the sports analysis-comedy duo.

Randy Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)
Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

The Sklar Brothers Website

A Visit to ‘Harmontown’ 13 MIN, 51 SEC

Dan Harmon came to fame as the creator of the quirky sitcom Community. Then, he became infamous for his very public feud with Community star Chevy Chase. After being fired from the TV show he created, Harmon decided to take his comedy podcast, Harmontown, on tour across the country. Filmmaker Neil Berkeley went along, and the result is the new documentary Harmontown.

Dan Harmon, television writer and producer (@danharmon)
Neil Berkeley, filmmaker (@neilpberkeley)


CicLAvia and Gentrification 7 MIN, 49 SEC

This Sunday, thousands of bicyclists will roll through the streets of L.A. for the 10th CicLAvia. They’ll be peddling through some neighborhoods previously untouched by the event, including East Los Angeles. And not everyone there is happy about it -- some see CicLAvia as a harbinger of gentrification.

The map for CicLAvia’s October 5th ride, titled "Heart of LA"

Endi Bernal, Colibri Boutique
Aaron Paley, President and co-founder of Community Arts Resources, and co-founder and Executive Director of CicLAvia.

WWLA Blog: CicLAvia grows up!

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