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Kim Masters and Matt Belloni banter about Oscar nominations. Then we revisit a conversation with filmmaker Richard Linklater about his latest movie, Boyhood. The film is now up for Best Picture at the Oscars, and Linklater is nominated for Best Director. Linklater tells us how he convinced a cast, crew and a single investor to sign on for this daring 12-year endeavor. Later on the show, Linklater gives us an update on Bernie Tiede, the man who inspired his film, Bernie.

Hollywood News Banter 5 MIN, 52 SEC

Kim Masters and Matt Belloni discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- Oscar nominations are out, and the nominees are very white and very male. In a huge snub, Ava DuVernay's MLK movie, Selma, was nominated for Best Picture, but not in any other categories except for Best Song. And in a flip situation, Bennett Miller is up for Best Director, but the film he directed, Foxcatcher, is not up for Best Picture.
- In the animation category, many thought The Lego Movie would be a lock for a win, but the film didn't even get nominated.
- Filmmaker Steve James was famously snubbed decades ago for his groundbreaking documentary Hoop Dreams. Now he's been passed over again for his Roger Ebert documentary, Life Itself, another favorite of the critics.

Oscar Noms: A Lot to Celebrate, Mourn and Ponder (Analysis)

'Boyhood' 21 MIN, 41 SEC

Writer and director Richard Linklater is the mind behind a diverse oeuvre of movies including Slacker, Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, as well as Before Sunrise, and the sequels Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

Some say his latest film, Boyhood, is his masterpiece. The premise is simple: follow the life of a young boy and his family over the years--in real time.

Almost every aspect of this venture depended on luck. Linklater found a very patient backer willing to give him a budget of $200,000 a year -- for 12 years.

For the child in the movie, Linklater chose an unknown, Ellar Coltrane, and really could only hope that this little boy would stick with him to the end. He cast his own daughter Lorelei as the older sister and recruited Patricia Arquette to play the mother. Linklater's frequent collaborator, Ethan Hawke, plays a once absent father who reappears in his kids' lives. Arquette and Hawke are also both now nominated for Oscars for their supporting acting roles.

And while Linklater was filming Boyhood over the course of years, he was working on other movies too. Among them: Bernie, starring Jack Black in the title role. The dark comedy tells the true story of popular small town texas mortician Bernie Tiede. In 1996, he shocked the community by shooting and killing a wealthy elderly woman who had been his constant companion. Tiede was sentenced to life in prison but after serving 17 years, he was released this past May. A judge concluded that Tiede could be freed if certain conditions were met, among them, that he find a place to live. Linklater knew just the place--his own apartment.

Richard Linklater, director and screenwriter


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