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Simply, “a bit of stress.” That’s how Ridley Scott describes his daring response to the disaster that almost befell his latest movie, All the Money in the World.  When news broke at the end of October that Kevin Spacey, who played billionaire J. Paul Getty in the film, had been accused of sexual assault, Scott decided almost instantly to cut Spacey from his movie and replace him with Christopher Plummer. Scott had just six weeks to reassemble his cast and reshoot 22 scenes with Plummer in the role--a feat that some said was impossible. Scott proved them otherwise.

Photo: Mark Wahlberg, Director Ridley Scott and Christopher Plummer on the set of  TriStar Pictures’ All the Money in the World. (By Giles Keyte)

Hollywood news banter 8 MIN, 31 SEC

Matt Belloni of The Hollywood Reporter and Michael Schneider of IndieWire join Kim Masters to discuss the big entertainment stories we’ll be keeping an eye on in 2018.

Deals to keep an eye on in 2018:

  • AT&T/Time Warner. Last year at this time, it looked like that deal was set to sail though. But now it’s caught up in courts. There could be some legitimate antitrust concerns, but it seems more likely that this is part of Trump’s vendetta against CNN.
  • Disney/Fox. This deal, much more of a horizontal merger, will forever change the face of the industry. There are some cool creative collaborations that could happen, but thousands of people will likely lose their jobs as the companies combine.
  • Sinclair/Tribune. Once the very conservative Sinclair takes over the Tribune stations, they’ll be in more than 70% of American households. Will they become a new competitor to Fox News?

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)
Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)

Ridley Scott on his one-of-a-kind filmmaking feat in 'All the Money in the World' 18 MIN, 38 SEC

The new movie All the Money in the World tells the harrowing story of the 1973 kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III, the grandson of billionaire oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

There’s plenty of drama on the screen in Ridley Scott’s latest film, but what went on behind the scenes is unprecedented in filmmaking.

In late October, Scott, along with the rest of the world learned of sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey--who had played grandpa Getty in his movie. It is already Hollywood lore how Scott decided to cut Spacey from the movie and replace him with Christopher Plummer. And to keep his late December release date, he said he’d do it all in six weeks.

That meant calling back the other actors in the film and preparing to shoot in key locations, all on very short notice. Michelle Williams, who plays the kidnapped Paul Getty’s mother, returned, as did Mark Wahlberg, who plays Fletcher Chase, a former CIA officer serving as the Getty’s hostage negotiator.

Sir Ridley tells us of deciding to cut Spacey from the film within hours of learning of the accusations against him, and why he knew he could get Christopher Plummer on board. He also talks about the complicated logistics of returning to a British Lord’s estate to reshoot, and shares his thoughts about the possibility of one day releasing the Kevin Spacey version of All the Money in the World. Plus, a little bit of venting about how so many film executives have no idea how to actually make a movie.  

Ridley Scott, Filmmaker


Kim Masters

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