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Army private Bradley Manning is facing court-martial for revealing the Wikileaks documents. In pre-trial hearings almost no one was watching. Is one of the biggest sources of all time being ignored by the press? Also, a mass school shutdown draws angry protests in Chicago, and the fast growing visa program for foreigners with investment cash. Mike Shuster guest hosts.

US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning (C) is escorted by the military police to the courthouse for the fourth day of his Article 32 hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland December 19, 2011. Photo by Benjamin Myers/Reuters

Making News Mass School Shutdown Draws Angry Protests in Chicago 6 MIN, 57 SEC

Chicago is closing 54 public schools. The move is geared to help Chicago close a billion dollar municipal deficit. But Chicago isn't the first to take this drastic step to deal with city deficits. Two weeks ago Pennsylvania said it would close 23 Philadelphia schools. There have also been schools closings in Detroit, Newark, and Washington. Noreen Ahmed-Ullah covers public schools for the Chicago Tribune.

Noreen Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune

Main Topic Bradley Manning, Whistle-blower or Traitor? 32 MIN, 48 SEC

Army private Bradley Manning is now facing court-martial at Ft. Meade, Maryland on charges of aiding the enemy and espionage, among others. In a recent pre-trial hearing, Manning admitted he's the source of the 700,000 military and government documents uploaded to the Wikileaks website three years ago. The documents caused a sensation, and sparked dozens of stories in the press about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and US secret diplomatic activity around the world. Manning's admissions could get him twenty years. The government's charges of aiding the enemy and espionage could get him life without parole. Is he a traitor, as his detractors say or a whistle-blower hero, as his supporters call him? Is the mainstream press even covering his case?

Arun Rath, PBS's 'Frontline' and PRI's 'The World' (@ArunRath)
Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone (@janetreitman)
Gene Fidell, Yale Law School (@YaleLawSch)
Mark Feldstein, University of Maryland (@merrillcollege)

Poisoning the Press

Mark Feldstein

Reporter's Notebook Foreign Investor Program Offers Green Cards for Cash 9 MIN, 27 SEC

It's an immigration program for the rich. The EB-5 program allows up to 10,000 people a year to immigrate to the US in exchange for an investment of at least $500,000 in an American business. If the investment helps create ten jobs, the investor becomes eligible for permanent residency. Last year, more than seven-thousand people used the program. Kevin Sullivan, senior correspondent for the Washington Post, explains.

Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post (@sullivank)

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