To the Point

To the Point

A weekly reality-check on the issues Americans care about most. Host Warren Olney draws on his decades of experience to explore the people and issues shaping – and disrupting - our world. How did everything change so fast? Where are we headed? The conversations are informal, edgy and always informative. If Warren's asking, you want to know the answer.

After 17 years, the U.S. is trying to negotiate its way out of Afghanistan. One partner in the search for peace is the Taliban, once an enemy in the “War on Terror.”

Human civilization is threatened by climate change. But it also needs the energy from fossil fuels that now emit greenhouse gases.

Liberal Jews are outraged. Even AIPAC has broken precedent, criticizing Netanyahu’s political allies in his effort to maintain power.

Senior officials in the Trump Justice Department really have suspected the president of allegiance to Russia. They considered invoking the 25th Amendment.

The Green New Deal targets climate change--but that’s not all.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman admits she “lost it,” and broke down in “tears of anger and frustration” as lead negotiator for the Iran Nuclear Deal.

President Trump asked for unity from a newly divided Congress--which has more women than ever before.

Some newly elected Democrats want Trump to face impeachment.  But veterans like Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff are calling for patience.