To the Point

To the Point

A weekly reality-check on the issues Americans care about most. Host Warren Olney draws on his decades of experience to explore the people and issues shaping – and disrupting - our world. How did everything change so fast? Where are we headed? The conversations are informal, edgy and always informative. If Warren's asking, you want to know the answer.

With support from Democrats as well as Republicans, President Trump agreed to release inmates from harsh prison terms due to the War on Drugs.  But his own Justice Department wants…

President Trump’s denial of climate change has him at war with California.  Their battle over fuel emission standards has divided the auto industry as well as drivers.

Facial recognition software is touted as making us safer. Is it worth the risk of misidentification -- and the violation of privacy?

Fire season now lasts all year long in Southern California, and residents of Topanga Canyon have set an example for how to get ready. Volunteers are on the alert to help their neighbors, save their homes and protect their animals, or to evacuate.

Impeachment by Democrats in the House may lead to trial in the Senate, with Chief Justice John Roberts presiding.  Can he prevent the Republican majority from rushing to judgement?

The world’s biggest oil company is on trial in New York for defrauding investors out of $1.6 billion.  It’s accused of hiding the real value of fossil fuels in the era of climate…

Republican U.S. Senator Mitt Romney says President Trump’s withdrawal of soldiers protecting the Kurds violated “American honor.”

Presidential campaigns aren’t just on TV anymore, they’re on countless digital platforms.