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The White House is holding the line on intervention in Syria's civil war, despite Israel's military strikes against Syrian targets and lingering questions about Syria's use of chemical weapons against its citizens. Guest host Tess Vigeland explores whether the is war entering a new phase. Also, the Pentagon is under fire for a "plague" of sexual assaults in the military, and three women have been rescued from a house in Cleveland where they allegedly spent the last decade in captivity.

Banner image: Free Syrian Army fighters prepare to head out toward the front line in the al-Ziyabiya area, in Damascus May 5, 2013. Photo by Ward Al-Keswani/Reuters

Main Topic Israel, Hezbollah and a New Phase in Syria's Civil War 40 MIN, 48 SEC

The ongoing crisis in Syria continues to raise thorny issues about US intervention in the civil war there. That war began as part of the Arab Spring in 2011 but has developed into the most intractable conflict of the revolutionary movement. More than 70 thousand people have been killed. Now, Hezbollah is stepping up its engagement, helping government forces battle a crucial rebel-held town. That means Iran is also deepening its involvement. US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Russian President Vladimir Putin today in Moscow in an effort to find common cause in the Syrian civil war. Is that conflict entering a new phase? Will Israel's military strikes near Damascus push the US to take action?

Sam Dagher, Wall Street Journal (@samdagher)
Jonathan Spyer, Global Research in International Affairs Center (@jonathan_spyer)
Matthew Rojansky, Wilson Center (@MatthewRojansky)
Andrew Tabler, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (@andrewtabler)
Michael Wahid Hanna, Century Foundation (@mwhanna1)

In the Lion's Den

Andrew Tabler

Reporter's Notebook Three Cleveland Women Get Free after a Decade 10 MIN, 12 SEC

An astonishing story has developed out of Cleveland over the last 24 hours. Three women who were held captive for ten years were found and rescued after a neighbor heard one of them screaming from the door of a house. The neighbor broke down the door and allowed one of the women, Amanda Berry, to call 911. We hear more from Peter Krouse, who's covering the story for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and psychologist David Wolfe at the University of Toronto.

Peter Krouse, Cleveland Plains Dealer (@PeterKrouse)
David Wolfe, University of Toronto

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