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Palestinian terrorists are not the only threat to Israeli security. Jewish terrorists also pose serious risks to national unity and stability. Recent atrocities have increased fear that the government may be powerless against right-wing extremism.

Also, President Obama addresses the Iran nuclear deal and urges Congress' support. On today’s Talking Point, ten years after Katrina, New Orleans is still struggling — but the restaurants are better than ever.

Photo: Far-right activist Meir Ettinger (C) was the first person arrested under suspicion of involvement in nationalist criminal activity, since Prime Minister Netanyahu's security cabinet came under growing pressure to crack down on violent far-right Jewish groups after arsonists killed a Palestinian toddler and severely injured his parents and brother on Friday. (Ammar Awad/Reuters)

Obama Addresses Iran Nuclear Deal, Urges Congressional Support 6 MIN, 30 SEC

President Obama today went to American University in Washington, DC, where President John F. Kennedy urged support for the nuclear test-ban treaty during the Cold War.  Mr. Obama made a connection to the nuclear deal with Iran, "The agreement now reached between the international community and the Islamic Republic of Iran, builds on this tradition of strong principled diplomacy.... Every nation in the world, that has commented publicly, with the exception of the Israeli government, has expressed support." Steven Mufson is White House correspondent for the Washington Post.

Steven Mufson, Washington Post (@StevenMufson)

Senator Kaine on support for Iran nuclear deal
Senator Boxer on support for the Iran nuclear deal
Congressman Adam Schiff on support of the Iran nuclear deal

Jewish Terrorism and Israeli Security 32 MIN, 41 SEC

Last Thursday, six people were stabbed at a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem. One victim has died. The suspect is an orthodox Jew, who had just completed a 10-year sentence for a similar crime. Friday morning, in the remote West Bank town of Duma, the home of a Palestinian family was set on fire, killing an 18-month old boy and leaving his parents in critical condition. Jewish extremists are suspected.

The Netanyahu government now says Jewish suspects will get the same, tough treatment given Palestinians. But that will be easier said than done, and some Israelis are warning that right-wing extremism is almost out of control. They claim government support of settlements in the West Bank has backfired, corrupting the justice system and posing a risk to democracy.

Said Arikat, Al Quds (@SMArikat)
Isabel Kershner, New York Times (@IKershner)
Ari Soffer, Arutz Sheva (@AriSoffer1)
Barak Mendelsohn, Haverford College (@BarakMendelsohn)

New Orleans Food Scene Shows the Katrina Recovery 10 MIN, 44 SEC

Turtle soup, pecan pie and shrimp po-boys are synonymous with New Orleans, which has always been famous for food.  But Katrina drove some beloved institutions quite literally under water.  Ten years later, the restaurant scene has not just recovered, it’s better than ever, according to Kim Severson, food correspondent for the New York Times.  We also hear from Tia Moore Henry, who was studying to be a nurse before Katrina, and now runs Café Dauphine in the Lower 9th Ward.

Shrimp salad at Café Dauphine

A menu from Coquette's no-menu Tuesdays
Your menu's presented at completion of your meal.
It's a surprise what you're served!
Photo courtesy of Bill Kleiman

Kim Severson, New York Times (@kimseverson)
Tia Moore Henry, Cafe Dauphine

Donald Link discusses Southern food on KCRWs Good Food'

Spoon Fed

Kim Severson

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