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The Vatican is weighing in on the fight against global climate change -- with Pope Francis at the lead. Guest host Barbara Bogaev explores how the world's billion-plus Catholics will react. Could it tip the scales of the environmental movement to curb greenhouse emissions? 

Also, survivors pulled from rubble in Nepal. On today's Talking Point, she's one of Hillary's biggest threats, and she's not even running -- Elizabeth Warren and the the dance between two democratic powerhouses.

Pope Francis visits one of the Typhoon Haiyan victims in Palo, Leyte. (Benhur Arcayan/Malacanang Photo Bureau)

Survivors Pulled from the Rubble in Nepal 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Five days after a massive earthquake in Nepal, rescue workers pulled two more people from the rubble in Kathmandu. It was a rare bit of good news in a city struggling to cope with the disaster. It also followed suggestions by Nepalese officials that it was too late to find survivors and that international rescue teams should go home. Julie Makinen, Beijing Bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, joins us now from Kathmandu.

Julie Makinen, Los Angeles Times (@JulieMakLAT)

Pope Francis Goes Green, but Will the Flock Follow? 34 MIN, 45 SEC

Climate change activists have an influential new ally who could bring along more than a billion followers. This week the Vatican held a summit on how environmental crises hurt the poor. A top Vatican official and point person for Pope Francis announced at the summit that increasing use of fossil fuels is disrupting Earth on an "almost unfathomable scale" and cautioned that a "full conversion" of hearts and minds is needed if global warming is to be conquered. The summit is widely seen as a lead-in to the Pope's upcoming encyclical framing the fight against global warming as a moral responsibility -- a first of its kind. Activists hope the Catholic Church will inject the largely secular climate change movement with a spiritual infusion. However, It could put the Pope and the church at odds with conservatives -- Catholics included, some of whom deny the existence of global warming and believe religion has no place in this political battle.

Tony Annett, Columbia University (@earthinstitute)
Steven Rood, Asia Foundation (@StevenRoodPH)
Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (@lauriegnyt)
Robert Royal, Faith & Reason Institute

Heartland Institute on the Pope's global warming summit
Goodstein on conservatives' alarm over the Pope's campaign on climate change
NY Times on the Vatican's push, pushback over Pope's climate change encyclical

The Virtual Candidacy of Elizabeth Warren 8 MIN, 36 SEC

Today US Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist from Vermont became the first official democratic rival to Hillary Clinton. But he may be overshadowed by another liberal powerhouse, Senator Elizabeth Warren. She says she isn't running but you wouldn't know it from listening to Clinton adopting her rhetoric.  That's according to Ryan Lizza of the  New Yorker. His latest piece on the 2016 presidential contenders is "The Virtual Candidate."

Ryan Lizza, New Yorker magazine / Georgetown University (@RyanLizza)

Sanders discusses the Trans-Pacific Partnership on 'TtP'

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