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The Senate is up for grabs, as happens every other year. This time, trends are clashing. Will we see the continued success of Tea Party candidates, or is the latest bad news racking the Romney campaign trickling down to the state level? Also, protests against the anti-Islam video turn deadly in Pakistan, and comparing fact and fiction in The Master, a new film about Scientology. Mike Pesca guest hosts.

Making News Protests against the Anti-Islam Video Turn Deadly in Pakistan 7 MIN, 36 SEC

More than a dozen have been killed in clashes between security forces and protesters in Pakistan. These are the same riots that have been ripping through the Middle East for over a week. Pakistan sought to curb the violence by effectively shutting down schools, and businesses. The impromptu national holiday has not worked. Correspondent Declan Walsh is in Pakistan for the New York Times.

Declan Walsh, New York Times (@declanwalsh )

Main Topic The Battle for the Senate Suddenly Looks Quite Different 34 MIN, 32 SEC

Forty-seven of the 100 seats in the US Senate are controlled by Republicans. Forecasts had the GOP rated as likely to take the Senate in November, but that's changed recently. In Massachusetts a celebrity economics professor takes on the incumbent Republican who sits in Ted Kennedy's old seat. In Indiana a Republican brags about his disdain for bipartisanship. In Virginia two former governors who at times have been mentioned as possible presidents square off. In Wisconsin a former governor and cabinet secretary faces a woman, who if elected, would be the first openly gay senator. We take on some of the more notable, hard-fought and surprising Senate races.

Jennifer Duffy, Cook Political Report (@jennifereduffy)
Sheelah Kolhatkar, The New Yorker (@sheelahk)
David Yepsen, journalist (@DavidYepsen)
Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor for National Journal (@HotlineJosh)
Rick Green, Hartford Courant (@CTConfidential)

Reporter's Notebook 'The Master' and Scientology 8 MIN, 52 SEC

The new film, The Master, is based largely on the life of L. Ron Hubbard. Philip Seymour Hoffman dazzles as the founder of Scientology, a charismatic Svengali who convinces his acolytes of the power of his vision. As his son says in the movie, he makes it up as he goes along.  We compare fact and fiction in film with a film critic and a chronicler of Scientology.


Scott Foundas, Variety film critic (@foundasonfilm)
Tony Ortega, longtime Scientology chronicler (@TonyOrtega94)

The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson

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