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Governor Jerry Brown delivered his annual State of the State address today, including proposed cuts in spending and the threat of still more if voters don't approve increased taxes. He also advocated big spending projects, including the High-Speed Rail system critics say the state can't afford. We hear excerpts of the speech, political reaction and some analysis. Also, the ACLU wants a federal court to order Sheriff Lee Baca and his top aides to stop violence by guards against inmates in LA County jails. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, political turmoil in Pakistan, an unstable ally.

Making News ACLU Sues Sheriff Baca over Abuse in Jails 8 MIN, 54 SEC

The American Civil Liberties Union has gone to federal court asking for an injunction against Sheriff Lee Baca and his top aides. The ACLU charges that deputies have formed jailhouse gangs who earn tattoos by beating inmates, even breaking their bones.  In October, Sheriff Baca appeared on this program with ACLU legal director Peter Eliasberg. Baca agreed that deputies must be accountable, but dismissed any need for intermediaries. Today, the Sheriff's spokesman said there was a meeting last week but that the ACLU didn't mention its intention to sue.  Robert Faturechi has been covering the story for the Los Angeles Times.

Robert Faturechi, ProPublica (@RobertFaturechi)

Main Topic More Budget Cuts and a Bid to Raise Taxes 21 MIN, 30 SEC

Governor Brown delivered his State of the State speech today to a joint session of the Assembly and Senate. He proposed more cuts he said nobody likes in the budget, but also asked voters to approve a tax increase or face still more reductions. While pushing for reductions in spending, he called for major investments, including a California High-Speed Rail project that's been called unaffordable by a task force created by voters at the same time they approved the project four years ago. The Governor named education as the biggest item in the state budget, and proposed giving local school boards more authority.

Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles City Council (@BobBlumenfield)
Sam Blakeslee, California State Assembly (@samblakeslee)
Mark Baldassare, Public Policy Institute of California (@ppicnotes)
Joe Mathews, Host, "Zocalo's Connecting California" (@joemmathews)

California Crackup

Joe Mathews

Main Topic Pakistan: Political Turmoil in an Unstable Ally 19 MIN, 37 SEC

Pakistan: Political Turmoil in an Unstable AllyPakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani faces contempt charges in the Supreme Court for failing to pursue corruption charges against his boss, President Asif Ali Zardari.  It appears that the military, which has engineered coups in the past, is behind the action. While its parliamentary government is under legal assault from, the country itself is in economic shambles, fighting a bloody conflict with Islamic extremists. With anti-Americanism on the rise, what's in store for the US and withdrawal from Afghanistan?  

Declan Walsh, New York Times (@declanwalsh )
Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani journalist
Paula Newberg, Georgetown University
Moeed Yusuf, US Institute of Peace

Judging the State

Paula R. Newberg

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