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Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates and former Marine Commandant James Jones may not agree with each other, but Barack Obama says the buck stops with him. We hear a re-broadcast of today's To the Point with students of White House transitions warning of unintended consequences. In Part II of our program, the new legislature confronts old problems as Jews, Muslims and Hollywood filmmakers confront terrorism in Mumbai.

Main Topic Local Reaction to Obama's National Security Team

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is on her way to South Asia for talks with the governments of India and Pakistan.  But the consequences of last week's terror attacks in Mumbai are more than diplomatic and have serious local consequences. We hear about that and look at the consequences of terrorism in Mumbai for Jews, Muslims and Hollywood.

Gunjan Bagla, Managing Director, Amritt
Tanvir Khan, Member of the Board of Directors, Council of Pakistan-American Affairs
Mel Levine, Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners

Making News Governor Schwarzenegger Warns of Fiscal Disaster 25 MIN, 44 SEC

In Sacramento today, the new state legislature was sworn in, with 11 Republicans and 17 Democrats elected last month. The new legislature is faced with massive problems the old one failed to solve. Governor Schwarzenegger greeted them by calling two new special sessions on the economy and the budget, calling for "immediate" action to head off "fiscal disaster." Anthony York is editor of Capitol Weekly.

Anthony York, Grizzly Bear Project (@anthonyyork49)

Main Topic Obama Names His Nation Security Team 26 MIN, 13 SEC

Barack Obama's national security team is full of familiar faces, including Hillary Clinton at State and Robert Gates staying on at Defense. Along with former Marine Corps Commandant General James Jones at the National Security Council, they've had many public disagreements with the president-elect. As he introduced them today, the President-elect described himself as a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions. Cautioning against the danger of "group-think and affirming that he welcomed "vigorous debate inside the White House," he acknowledged that the buck stops with him. We hear about his so-called "team of rivals." Can they implement his vision for combining force and diplomacy?

Stephen Hess, Brookings Institution
David Corn, Mother Jones magazine (@DavidCornDC)
Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Terry Sullivan, Co-Founder, White House Transition Project

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Stephen Hess

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