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Few Southern Californians may be able to locate the Emirate of Dubai, but its financial problems will have an impact here.  Also, Black Friday and the retail economy, and Tiger Woods pulls out of his tournament in Thousand Oaks. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, healthcare reform has finally made it to the Senate floor, and there's a chance that both houses might pass their different versions by the end of this year. As Senate debate gets underway we look at what's at stake for America's families.

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Main Topic Another Landmark for Healthcare Reform 27 MIN, 57 SEC

The hour has arrived for debate on healthcare reform to begin in the US Senate.  No Republican voted to bring the bill to the floor, and Majority Leader Harry Reid needed every Democrat and both Independents, including some who said they would not support the bill itself in its present form.

Ezra Klein, Vox (@ezraklein)
Uwe Reinhardt, Princeton University (@uwejreinhardt)
Len Nichols, George Mason University / Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics (@LenMNichols)
Nancy Kane, Professor of Management, Harvard's School of Public Health

Making News Are People Spending in Los Angeles? 5 MIN, 5 SEC

What about Black Friday and the retail economy? Jack Kyser is founding economist at the Kyser Center for Economic Research at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

Jack Kyser, Founding Economist, LAEDC's Kyser Center for Economic Research

Main Topic Los Angeles Gets Hit by Dubai 15 MIN, 26 SEC

Few Southern Californians may be able to locate the Emirate of Dubai, but its financial problems may have an impact far beyond the Middle East. While Dubai’s financial problems came out of the blue for most people, they might be felt in Hollywood and by some Los Angeles architects and engineers.

Christopher Hawthorne, incoming chief design officer for LA City Hall; Los Angeles Times (@hawthorneLAT)
David Gensler, Executive Director/CEO, Gensler

Reporter's Notebook Tiger Woods Pulls Out of His Own Tournament 4 MIN, 33 SEC

The world's most recognized athlete won't be at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks this week after all. Tiger Woods says he's sorry to miss what he's certain will be “an outstanding event.” But injuries from a single-vehicle fender-bender outside his home in Florida will prevent him from hosting the Chevron World ChallengeJill Painter is sports columnist for the Daily News.

Jill Painter, Los Angeles Daily News (@jillpainter)

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