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California voters will get another chance to lead the nation this coming November, for good or for ill. A measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use has qualified for the ballot. Will legal weed mean more crime or less? Also, the Getty Museum goes to the Internet for new leadership and better morale. We hear from both campaigns.  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, in the Age of the Internet, school districts are laying off librarians. Is that an appropriate way to save money, or will it deprive kids of critical skills they need to assess and evaluate a welter of information on line?  

Banner image: Students work on their laptops during class August 31, 2001 at the Discovery Charter School in Tracy, California Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Main Topic The Internet and Education 26 MIN, 47 SEC

Almost every American student in K through 12 now has access to a computer. But public school districts are desperately short of money. What do they do in the Internet Age? They lay off librarians. Sara Scribner is one of several librarians who’ve received pink-slips in Pasadena. She says the real losers are students who need what she calls "Internet literacy."  We hear from Scribner and others on whether the Internet is turning our kids into experts or idiots.

Sara Scribner, Librarian, Blair International Baccalaureate School
Jeff Jarvis, City University of New York / BuzzMachine (@jeffjarvis)
Natasha Lipson, Senior, New Roads High School
Delaram Ahmadyveasi, Junior, Beverly Hills High School
Andrew Keen, tech-industry commentator (@ajkeen)

Main Topic California Voters to Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana 17 MIN, 44 SEC

Secretary of State Deborah Bowen has certified for November's ballot a measure to permit Californians 21 and over to grow and/or possess an ounce of marijuana. Local jurisdictions could regulate and tax marijuana or not. We hear from a reporter covering the story as well as advocates and opponents of the measure.

John Hoeffel, Los Angeles Times
Stephen Gutwillig, California Director, Drug Policy Alliance
Kim Raney, California Police Chiefs Association

Reporter's Notebook Getty Looks for a New Director 7 MIN, 58 SEC

The world's wealthiest arts organization, the J. Paul Getty Trust, has a new board chairman, lawyer and investment broker, Mark Siegel. The Getty Museum is still looking for permanent leadership in the aftermath of Michael Brand's abrupt resignation two months ago. The Museum has just posted the job description online.  Lee Rosenbaum blogs as CultureGrrl on 'Artsjournal.com.'

Lee Rosenbaum, 'CultureGrrl' blogger (@CultureGrrl)

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