Are you a first time voter?

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Twenty-four percent of eligible voters in California are millennials. Nation-wide Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation, and they’ve almost caught up when it comes to being the nation’s biggest eligible voting bloc. According to Pew, both generations comprise roughly 31% of the voting-eligible population.

The Los Angeles Times spoke to one analyst who said voter registration in California for people 24 and younger is up 87 percent. For California’s between 25 to 30, the number reaches 188 percent.

Of course just because a lot of Millennials are eligible to vote, doesn’t mean they will. Pew finds that the “high-water mark for Millennials was the 2008 election, when 50% of eligible Millennials voted.”

We talked to a handful of students to see what will compel them to cast their ballots on Tuesday. It’s a hard question: Does your vote matter. But as one young person told us:  “If everybody thinks that their vote doesn’t matter, then we can’t really make any changes.”