Barred entry: Bid for face time with Pres. Obama falls flat

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It’s not just political big shots and corporate CEO’s who get to meet with the president.

For $30,000-plus, you too can bend Barack Obama’s ear. Well, maybe. It depends on what you want to say – and who you’re telling about it.

When electric car salesman and Obama supporter Paul Scott got an invite to a fundraiser with the president in Santa Monica this Friday, he realized that if he was willing to dig deep – really deep – into his bank account, he could talk face-to-face with the Obama about one of his biggest concerns:  climate change.  So Scott sent his check in, and he says “I got a seat at the table, and I was really excited.”

But then he started to talk about his agenda publicly. That led to a dis-invitation from the Democratic National Committee, which said the media attention Scott was bringing to himself had become a distraction.