California Elections: Voter Guide

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Are you ready to vote? Here’s what you need to know beyond the ballot.

When to Vote:

Polls are open from 7AM – 8PM on Tuesday, November 6th

Where to Vote:

Find your polling place and a sample ballot here.

What are all these propositions?

There are eleven ballot measures this year:

Proposition 30 (Temporary taxes to fund education)
Proposition 31 (State budget)
Proposition 32 (Political contributions by payroll deduction)
Proposition 33 (Auto insurance prices based on driver’s history of insurance coverage)
Proposition 34 (Death penalty repeal)
Proposition 35 (Human trafficking penalties)
Proposition 36 (Three strikes law)
Proposition 37 (Genetically engineered foods labeling)
Proposition 38 (Tax to fund education and early childhood programs)
Proposition 39 (Income tax increase for multistate businesses)
Proposition 40 (Redistricting of State Senate districts)

California Choices has a rundown of endorsements. They’re tracking which non-profits, unions and newspapers are endorsing the ballot measures.

Need a sample ballot, still have questions about voting in LA?

Also, you can follow Dean Logan, Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk on Twitter for real time election updates and information.

And if  you want to find out more about the general election, here’s a full listing of the candidates.

Still want more? Find KCRW’s California election coverage online right here.