California works to get drivers’ licenses to the unlicensed

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There’s a big change coming to California’s driving rules. Because of  the passage of Assembly Bill 60, or AB 60, by January 1st of 2015, the Department of Motor Vehicles will make drivers’ licenses available to people regardless of their immigration status in the United States. The law is a reaction to the huge number of unlicensed drivers in California, many of whom are undocumented, and the public safety and insurance problems that creates for all motorists.

This has created a lot of logistical and public outreach work for the DMV. After all, those applying for a license must meet all the requirements of licensure and provide proof of identity and California residency. In addition, individual DMV offices, which can be frustrating on the best of days, have to be ready for a lot of new drivers coming in to take their tests and apply for a license.

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