Day 1 at the RNC: guns, protests and Melania Trump

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From To the Point:

Republicans have gathered in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump. So far, it’s a convention unlike any other, with some delegates still determined to prevent Trump’s victory and 48 protest groups on the streets outside.

Ohio’s “open carry” law has added a new kind of uncertainty. (“We want to help keep the peace and support freedom and support anyone… as long as you’re exercising your rights, I don’t care if you disagree with me, because that’s your freedom,” said one AR-15-carrying man)

For various reasons, many of the Party’s most familiar figures won’t be attending. The official message this week is “law and order,” for an event where disorder may be more the rule than the exception.

Friends of Trump and others are expected to wholeheartedly endorse Trump at this week’s RNC, beginning tonight with Trump’s wife Melania.

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