Deasy may walk away from LAUSD early next year

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Will he stay or will he go? L.A. School Superintendent won’t confirm an L.A. Times report that he plans to leave his job in February – but he’s not denying it either. Deasy promises he’ll have more to say after his job evaluation, which is scheduled for Tuesday. Deasy was hired to head the nation’s second largest school district in 2011. He had threatened to resign in July if the School Board elected Richard Vladovic as its president. Vladovic was elected anyway, and Deasy stayed…Gun rights advocates are launching a bid to recall Gov. Jerry Brown and several Democratic state lawmakers because of their support of gun control bills this year. Lake Arrowhead GOP Assemblyman Tim Donnelly – a probable candidate for governor – announced the recall by accusing Brown of “trying to erase the Second Amendment.” A recent Field Poll showed that 60 percent of California voters support stronger gun control measures…California’s political watchdog has slapped two Arizona non-profits with the biggest fine its history for pumping $11 million into the November election without revealing the donors. The California Fair Political Practices Commission says the groups are “part of the Koch Brothers Network of dark money.” They’ll have to pay a combined fine of $1 million to the FPPC and $15 million to the state’s general fund…Gov. Jerry Brown lost his battle to get a long-term reprieve from a court order requiring California to reduce its prison population, but he isn’t done fighting over what to do with inmates who must be moved out. Brown is asking the U.S. Supreme Court for an order that would let him to go ahead with contracts that would send thousands of inmates to private prisons outside the state.Sea_lionsAnd finally, federal officials are investigating the deaths of four sea lions found in the past two months around Malibu. The Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro says two of the dead sea lions had definite gunshot injuries, and the others had signs of bullet wounds. It’s hardly the first time this has happened. Commercial fisherman have been known to shoot sea lions off the California coast when the animals try to feed on their catch.