For Conservatives, is 4 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency better than 4 years of Trump?

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Conservatives are facing the reality of Donald Trump on the GOP ticket with some Republicans saying they’ll vote for him, while others refuse. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he’d skip chairing the Republican National Convention if Trump asks him to, and now Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican party is in the challenging position of trying to hold his party together. (A meeting between Trump, Priebus and Rep. Ryan is scheduled.) “It’s an existential crisis for the party,” Norm Ornstein, Congressional scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told To the Point.

“Perhaps a Trump presidency is the worst thing possible for the Conservative movement,” said former Republican Congressman from Minnesota Vin Weber. Four years of Clinton may be better for conservatives, giving them an opportunity to rebuild in opposition to Clinton, rather than letting Trump define conservatism in his own image.

“This is a guy who runs his entire life on what he wants to do at any moment,” said Red State blog editor Ben Howe,” if Congress isn’t doing what he wants, absolutely I think he’ll abuse the power of the Executive in ways we’ve never seen before.”