Interview with Neel Kashkari

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Neel Kashkari in the KCRW studio with Warren Olney [Photo by Benjamin Gottlieb].
Republican candidate for Governor Neel Kashkari says he feels good about his chances. That, despite being behind in the polls (Gov. Brown is leading 57-36 percent) and having a lot less money than the incumbent ($680 thousand to Brown’s $20 million).

Below, he speaks to Warren Olney on Which Way LA? and tells him,  “We’re focused on getting our message out, more voters think the state is headed in the wrong direction rather than the right direction.”

There’s a lot of room for improvement in California, says Kashkari, including helping those who are stuck in poverty. Kashkari cites California’s high poverty rate (1 in 4 people) and says Gov. Brown is not paying attention to them or the middle class.

He also says he can help the Republican party rebuild in the state. “We need to bring people back into our party with a positive, inclusive message,” he says. “We can turn it around.”

Listen to the interview, below: