Is Southern Californian diversity peaking?

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It’s likely no surprise if you just look at what’s right in front of your eyes, but a a new USC report on diversity in Southern California shows that almost two-thirds of cities in a five-county area now considered multiracial. That’s a leap from 1990 when just over half of cities in the region were considered multiracial. And what does it mean to be multiracial city anyway? Simply put, it’s when a community has significant populations of two or more racial or ethnic groups.

The study also shows a kind of racial equilibrium being reached in some cities, including Los Angeles and Long Beach, as white and black populations decline and the Latino and Asian-Pacific Islander populations grow.

However, not all communities, are becoming an ethnic and racial menudo. Malibu is 88% white and the community of Huntington Park is 97% Latino. The full study can be read here.