It’s checkup time for state’s new healthcare exchange

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Californians will get their most detailed look today at how the state’s new health insurance marketplace is shaping up. Covered California is set to release data about the kinds of plans people are buying, their age and income, and other demographic information. Insurers say it’s crucial that the pool includes a wide range of people. Younger, healthier policy holders are needed to offset the cost of carrying older, sicker customers who generate higher medical bills. If the numbers skew older, premiums could go up…California is taking steps to keep former inmates from reoffending and going back to prison. Attorney General Kamala Harris says a new division is being set up inside the state’s Justice Department, aimed at reducing California’s recidivism rate. At times, it’s topped 60 percent. A Pew study found that a 10 percent reduction in recidivism could save California more than $230 million a year…State officials have failed to collect more than half of the fines imposed in recent years on assisted living facilities hit with sanctions. The news organization Pro Publica says that of the 50 largest fines assessed between 2007 and 2012, no money was collected in 39 cases. Some of the companies have gone out of business, but Pro Publica says others chose to appeal fines repeatedly until they get them reduced or dismissed…riverkayakL.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is planning a kayak trip on the L.A. River today, and he’ll be taking the head of the EPA along for the ride. During a meeting last month in Washington D.C. to discuss river revitalization, Garcetti invited new Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy to join him for a river run. Garcetti will be trying to sell McCarthy on the most comprehensive – and most expensive – of three river revitalization plans being proposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…The Proud Bird at LAX will fly on, at least for the time being. Airport officials have given the aviation-themed restaurant a one-month reprieve while they continue discussions on a new lease. The Proud Bird’s owner previously said the aerospace industry gathering spot would close at the end of the month because of a big rent hike. John Tallichet says the Proud Bird has been jam packed in recent days with patrons who want to keep it open.