LAUSD wants your opinion

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online survey directed at the approximately 170,000 parents who have registered their email accounts with the LAUSD. Among its questions, the survey asks parents how much homework should count towards students grades and whether the district should raise a passing grade for core academic classes from a “D” to a “C.”

The district says responses will be kept anonymous and will be used to help craft and guide academic policies. You can get more information about the survey at the LAUSD website. What do you think: What is the one thing you would change about the LAUSD?

Here’s what some readers are saying over on our Which Way, L.A.? Facebook page. Tell us what you’d change in LA schools.

Gared Williams: Smaller class sizes. Less emphasis on standardized testing– more emphasis on cultivating students’ critical thinking skills.

Scott Mandell: I would like the current Rube Goldberg process of magnets and charters, points and favors system abolished. I would like to see the district disbanded. New smaller more nimble responsive districts formed. I would like to see the teachers union consider the education of children in their contract negotiations. I would like to institute merit pay. I would like it if bad teachers were fired, not just teachers convicted of felonies. And I would like a voucher system so California (especially LAUSD) Public K-12 Education are no longer the educators of last resort. And lastly, I would like PARENTS to get involved with THEIR child’s education. School is not free babysitting.

Adriana Zuniga: The district is too large to understand what each school needs. People who work at the district (out-of-the-classroom personnel) seem very out of touch with what happens at schools and what is needed at schools. When was the last time a board member had a school lunch? Everything that matters to students is not genuinely addressed by the district.