LAX shooting update: 6:20 PM

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The federal ground stop at Los Angeles International Airport is over now, but trying to get flights and people in and out is proving slow and difficult.

That’s after a man walked into Terminal 3 this morning about 9:20, pulled out a high-powered, semi-automatic rifle from a duffle bag and began firing at TSA agents.

One agent was killed, though his name has not been released. The gunman pushed through security while passengers scrambled to get out of his way. Several people were injured, and at least six were sent to area hospitals.

The gunman, who was shot and injured by police, is identified as 23-year old Paul Anthony Ciancia. He’s a resident of Los Angeles and a native of New Jersey.

He also reportedly had a note that said he wanted to “kill TSA” and had talked openly of his distrust of the government. The note found at the scene ended with the letters “NWO,” according to law enforcement sources, a common abbreviation for “New World Order.”

Ciancia is in police custody, and was transported to a hospital with injuries.

In a news conference earlier this afternoon, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti hailed the heroic actions of airport police and TSA agents, and said the gunman had over 100 more rounds available to him.

Meanwhile, Terminals 1 and 2 have now reopened at the nation’s third-busiest airport and flights are resuming slowly.

But more than 700 flights were affected by today’s ground stop at LAX, and delays are expected to continue for hours. Especially with airlines that fly out of Terminal 3, which remains closed at this hour.  And will be, according to one official, for “a while”.