Listen to the LA County Supervisors Debate

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L-R Pamela Conley Ulich, Sheila Kuehl, John Duran, Bobby Shriver  join Warren Olney in the KCRW studio

On Tuesday’s Which Way, LA? Warren sat down with four of the eight candidates to fill Zev Yaroslavky’s seat on the LA County Board of Supervisors.

With 2 million residents, the 3rd supervisorial district runs from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica and from Westlake Village to Hollywood.  The Supervisors manage a $26 billion budget—spending more than all but a few states.  There are 100,000 county workers–in public safety, public health, health care and social services. The supervisors both enact laws and implement them. They’re as powerful as any local officials in the United States.

So what would they do if given the chance to serve?

Former Malibu Mayor and council member, Pamela Conley Ulich; former West Hollywood Mayor and current councilman John Duran; former Santa Monica Mayor and councilman Bobby Shriver and former State Legislator Sheila Kuehl all sat down in the KCRW studio.

Here’s a full list of candidates:

  • John Duran: Former West Hollywood Mayor and current councilman
  • Doug Fay: Master automotive technician at a Toyota dealership.
  • Yuval Kremer: Private tutor in the Beverly Hills area
  • Sheila Kuehl: Former State Legislator
  • Rudy Melendez: Lighting technician and member of the Motion Picture technicians union
  • Eric Preven: TV writer, line producer and consultant
  • Bobby Shriver: Former Santa Monica Mayor and councilman
  • Pamela Conley Ulich: Former Malibu Mayor and council member