Never Built: A new exhibit celebrates the ‘what ifs’ of LA architecture

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For all the grand architectural projects in Los Angeles – think the Disney Concert Hall or the Getty Museum – there are dozens of ideas that never come to fruition. Plans fell by the wayside for political or economic reasons that could have totally changed the Los Angeles landscape.

Landscape architects Olmsted and Bartholomew’s plans for “Parks, Playgrounds and Beaches” throughout the region; Frank Lloyd Wright’s son’s planned design of the L.A. Civic Center; even a freeway that would have jetted over the Pacific Ocean.

Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin have been collecting these stories and have built a show around it called “Never Built LA.”

It opens July 27th at the A&D Museum in mid-Wilshire. They joined KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis in the studio.

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