New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells CA delegates: ‘There is hope’

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California Delegate, Emily Sanford from Huntington Beach, CA / Photo credit: Avishay Artsy

“I hear California’s blue, but it’s no bluer than New Jersey is,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told the California delegation in Tampa, today. “We’ve gotta use 2012 to reassert our role in the national debate, and to reassert our role in the individual state to say, we can make a difference.” Addressing a cheering audience, the New Jersey Governor talked about taking on the teacher’s union and “fighting the educational establishment on behalf of every child in our state,” adding, “we’re doing that in New Jersey, you need to do that in California.”

Below, KCRW talks to U.S. Senate nominee Elizabeth Emken about the challenges facing California Republicans. “I’m just the right new leader for California,” she says.