One pitch over the line

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The last pitch Greinke threw Thursday night at Petco Park in San Diego hit Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin on the upper arm. Enraged, Quentin charged the mound, the two players body slammed, threw punches at each other and, with the help of their teammates, became entangled in a full-on field brawl. After a few minutes, several players were ejected. Quentin and Greinke, of course. And Matt Kemp and Jerry Hairston.

Greinke’s out for a while. He’ll be examined here in L.A. by the team doctor.

Quentin could be suspended and fined. The others too. Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly says Quentin shouldn’t be allowed to play until Greinke can pitch.

So why was Quentin so angry?

Apparently he’s been hit before. By Greinke, a couple of times. By Dodgers pitcher Ronald Belisario just Wednesday night. And by other pitchers, a lot. So many times that he’s the most-hit player in the majors the last five years running.

Quentin says Greinke mouthed something to him before throwing the suspect ball and that it was on purpose. Greinke says it wasn’t and that he had no intention of hitting Quentin.

Tempers flared. Punches were thrown. Two teams are down for the count.

The Dodgers won, 3-2. And the Padres are coming to L.A. next week.

Someone alert the hospitals. And Dr. Phil.