One Thing in Santa Barbara: Environment

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From food and nightlife to environment and philanthropy, what were the most important stories and trends of the year in Santa Barbara? Five of our sharpest local observers weigh in on the one thing that shaped 2015.

According to Linda Krop, chief counsel at the Environmental Defense Center, the top environmental story of the year was the oil spill along the Gaviota Coast. On May 19, 142,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from Line 901, a pipeline owned by Plains All American Pipeline. Over 100,000 gallons of that oil reached the ocean, killing 300 seabirds and mammals, shutting down 130 square miles of fishing grounds and closing two state beach parks and many public beaches for months.

We have a lot of offshore and onshore oil development, and I think people have gotten used to it,” said Krop. “This spill was a warning that whenever you have oil development, you’re going to have an oil spill.”

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Clean up crews shovel oil after May 19th’s spill along the Gaviota Coast. Photo: CNN (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

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