Photos show Griffith Park puma is back in the pink

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mountainlionfeedingjpgThings are looking up for a lone mountain lion that has made its home in Griffith Park.

Park officials say new photos show that the cougar – known as P-22 – has rebounded well from a serious bout of mange that was apparently caused by exposure to rat poison. The big cat was captured in March and treated with skin medications and injections of Vitamin K, to offset the poisoning.mountainlionmange

Park officials say the new snapshots of P-22 show a mountain lion with a smooth coat and a full belly. The cat feeds on mule deer and other animals in the park. The 5-year-old male has been living in the park since at least 2012, becoming sort of a mascot for the urban wilderness area.

Meanwhile, an intriguing photograph posted on Twitter has some convinced that another mountain lion has meandered east of the 405 Freeway. If confirmed, it would join P-22 as the only cougars known to have crossed that barrier. P-22 actually crossed both the 405 and 101 freeways to make its way into Griffith Park.