Police seek suspect in homeless stabbings

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Police are seeking a suspect in a strange case. Three homeless people have been stabbed, but not killed, and notes were left behind that police describe as “death warrants.”

David Ben Keyes, photo courtesy LAPD

The three homeless people were attacked in their sleep. Police think it might have been another homeless person who committed the crimes, and who left behind typed and signed “death warrants.”

The first attack was reported July 3 in downtown Los Angeles. The victim had a large hunting knife sticking out of his back. Police say a suspect was seen fleeing the area, described as a thin, African American man.

A second homeless man was found Tuesday in Santa Monica, stabbed while lying on a bus bench. The most recent victim was a middle-aged woman stabbed in the back while she slept Thursday in Hollywood.

Police say they’re seeking a person of interest that goes by the name David Ben Keyes. The notes left behind by the attacker were signed with that name.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Keyes, self-described as a musician and writer, has been missing from the Santa Barbara area for weeks.

Police are warning homeless people to be careful and sleep in a shelter.