Race for Mayor: Emanuel Pleitez

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In the weeks leading up to the March 5th primary, Which Way, LA? is talking to each of the five leading candidates for Mayor. Find more here: kcrw.com/raceformayor. 

Emanuel Pleitz’s favorite place in Los Angeles is El Sereno park. “That’s where I grew up,” he told KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez, “and when i get to the top I can see the whole city, and it’s not on any postcard.” He also talked about the car he drives, whether he owns a gun and other areas in California that speak to him.

The candidate also came into the studio to talk to Warren Olney about why he joined the race and why he thinks he’s more qualified than the other candidates. “We are in a time where we are on the brink of bankruptcy,” he said, “we want something different.”

He explained his pension buyout plan, and whether he can negotiate with unions. Listen to the full interview below: