Race for Mayor: Eric Garcetti

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LA Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti talked to KCRW about his favorite spot in Elysian park, where you feel the “best of the city.” His favorite song? El Lay by Los Illegals. It’s a “great song from a great era that shows the mash-up city that we have.” He also shared his views on the importance of the cityscape. Below get to know Garcetti:

With a troubled city facing a deficit, Warren Olney asked the candidate about his priorities. Does he favor a tax increase? With the city in trouble, can an insider be trusted to make real change? “I reject the idea that we have to cut more services, that is not the way forward,” Garcetti told Warren.

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“Every single year, I’ve been able to balance budget and change priorities, Garcetti said, “even in bad years you shift money to what’s important.” Listen below: