Race for Mayor: Jan Perry

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In the weeks leading up to the March 5th primary, Which Way, LA? is talking to each of the five leading candidates for Mayor. Find more here: kcrw.com/raceformayor. 

KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez caught up with Jan Perry in her field office after a day of campaigning. Perry said her favorite place to go in Los Angeles is the Wetlands at Slauson and Compton. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing (Latin Smooth); and that what irks her more than anything is when “people dump things on the sidewalk.” She says she likes food that’s “good but doesn’t cost very much.”

Get to know the candidate:

After three terms on the City Council, Jan Perry is running for Mayor. One of her former campaign consultants says she’s “a one-person coalition”—“an African American, Jewish, Pro-business Democrat who’s had her ups and downs with labor.”  Perry sat down with Warren Olney. He asked her tough questions about contradictions in her messaging, whether she likes LA’s current mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and her record on development.

Warren talks to Perry about the 9th district, LA’s development project, and fundraising. Listen below: