Race for Mayor: Kevin James

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The office for mayor is itself is nonpartisan, but Kevin James still stands out as the only Republican in the Big Five. He’s a former federal prosecutor, talk show host, and leader of AIDs Project LA. KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez talked to him as he was preparing for yet another debate with his four opponents and asked him about his favorite drive in Los Angeles, his pet dog, and what he likes to watch on television. The candidate, who is gay, also opened up about what gay stereotypes bother him the most.  

Kevin James came into the KCRW studios to talk to Warren Olney about some of the issues plaguing Los Angeles, and how he will try to fix them as mayor.

Is his major qualification that he is so much an outsider that he’s never run for office before? James told Warren that his experience is unique because as a lawyer for 25 years, he’ll know how to negotiate with our city unions. He also defended his SuperPac money and talked about how he’ll create a healthy private sector.