Race for Mayor: Wendy Greuel

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Wendy Gruel has worked for the late Mayor Tom Bradley, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Dreamworks Studio.  She was a city councilwoman for seven years before being elected City Controller.  KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez caught up with her at a meeting of pastors in South LA to ask her what she loves about Los Angeles and what book is at the top of her reading list.

City Controller Wendy Gruel says she’s a “tough fiscal watchdog,” but she’s also promising to increase the LAPD.  Where’s the money?  With support from unionized workers—including those at the DWP—can she be independent enough to negotiate new contracts in tough times?  Warren Olney sat down with Greuel in the studio.

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Greuel told Warren that she has a vision of Los Angeles that has job opportunities, an educational system that doesn’t depend on zip code and a seamless transportation system.